Definition Audio Visual specialises in the design, supply and installation of professional sound systems into any type of commercial business large or small. Our sound system installations have a different process from start to finish whether we are upgrading an existing installed audio system or a complete sound equipment installation from the first fix cabling installation to the final fix, training and commissioning.


Our professional sound equipment installation solutions are bespoke to your facilities and overall requirements, and our audio engineers will endeavour to install a sound system that will both meet your expectations and more but most of all your budget.

With access to a multitude of professional sound equipment manufacturers for example Cloud Electronics, JBL, Apart Audio, Bose, Martin Audio, Crown and QSC we are confident that we can provide you with a complete sound system installation to suit any type of budget and any type of venue.

We have installed numerous commercial sound systems into churches, hotels, restaurants, bars, factories and businesses throughout the UK whether this has been a background music system, live pa system or distributed 100 volt line speaker system, so we can provide you with a sound system installation solution into any type of commercial venue or building.

As a professional sound system installation company our sound equipment install services have ranged from high end speaker systems in bars, multiple zoned public address systems into hotels to cost effective audio system solutions into restaurants.