Audio Visual Installation Yorkshire

audio visual installation yorkshire

Audio Visual Installation Yorkshire – we have just completed an AV installation project in two meeting rooms at some offices just outside of Leeds with an Epson full HD projector in the large room and a Benq HD projector in the smaller meeting room along with an Apart Audio Ceiling speaker installation

In the large meeting room we have installed an Epson 4800 lumens full HD projector which is projecting onto a 100″ diagonal motorised screen which is fitted to the ceiling. For the sound system installation we have installed four Apart Audio ceiling speakers which are connected to a small stereo amplifier hidden above the ceiling. For the HDMI and VGA connections we have installed the Kramer VGA and HDMI over CAT 6 senders and receivers.

Within the ceiling in the main meeting room we have also installed an Ampetronic hearing loop system which is directly connected to the audio from the projector and the loop is installed above the ceiling tiles. One of the reason why ceiling design is so important is that  it is where your heating and cooling run through. Proper ceiling design and material use thus lead to good insulation, which in turn brings numerous benefits to your home. To see more, click here. Investing in good ceiling design can provide you large benefits in the long run.

In the smaller meeting room we installed a Benq full HD 4000 lumens projector onto an 84″ diagonal projection screen along with a pair of Apart Audio ceiling speakers, Tibo Amplifier and Kramer VGA, HDMI over CAT6 senders and receivers.